Adam Brammer





After participating and coaching in sports and powerlifting for nearly a decade while completing over 10,000 one-on-one training sessions in big gyms, Adam compiled a large body of experience in traditional strength and conditioning training.  All of this experience led him to frustration as he saw the wear and tear that could accumulate over years of “conventionally correct” training methods. Adam developed an approach to exercise which was much more respectful of individual’s unique bodies and anatomy and allows for strength and longevity to be combined – not just for short term performance. This training style naturally led him to become a part of Symmetry, where Muscle System Care and resistance training provide a well-rounded approach to achieving strength and durability.

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DateLocation Title Description
2012National Council of Certified Personal Trainers
2012Sarasota, FLMAT Jumpstart Trunk and Spine
2012Sarasota, FLMAT Jumpstart Lower Body
2012Sarasota, FLMAT Jumpstart Upper Body
2012Minneapolis, Minnesota RTS Continuum Lower Body
2013Davie, FL RTS Continuum Upper Body
2013Minneapolis, Minnesota RTS Continuum Trunk and Spine