We can have fun, AND we take your health VERY seriously.

  • Do you care about your physical health or do you care about being entertained?
  • Do you want a trainer who puts your health first or your friendship first?
  • Is it more important to achieve your goals or to do the newest and hottest trends?
  • Do you want to look sexy or train sexy?

We care about you and your physical health.  We know that you have limited time every week to improve your physical health and we respect that.  That’s why, when you come for 1 on 1 training, we #trainboring (keep reading,  you’ll see what I mean).

We make decisions based on your capabilities, your limitations, and your goals.  We are NOT influenced by the hottest fads.  We aren’t going to “mix it up” and “keep your body guessing” for the sake of making sure you won’t get bored.  We will make decisions that continually get you better and better.  We aren’t going to eat up your valuable time by talking during your session instead of letting you focus on what you are doing.  We aren’t afraid to have you do the same thing over and over because you may get bored.  How are we going to be able to know if you’re improving or not if we change things up every time?

Doctors send us their patients to exercise because they know how serious we take our jobs and your body.  People that get injured when they exercise seek us out for a reason.  People that take their health seriously and count on their trainers to be educated and prepared to make the best decisions on their behalf train with us for a reason.

  • Do you want to be entertained every workout or be as healthy as you can be and look and feel as good as you can?   Pick one… because you can’t have both.
  • Do you want a trainer who will tell you when your rest time is up or do you want one that is afraid to interrupt and lets you keep talking as your sessions ticks away?
  • Do you want your trainer to choose an exercise that’s more fun or one that’s better for you?

I personally don’t think being healthy, looking good, feeling good and being able to use my body the way I like is boring at all…Do you?

No one is saying you won’t have fun but it’s not going to come at the expense of your workout.  Let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

Jay Weitzner and the Symmetry Staff (Gen, Jan)